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spring colors!

Spent all morning making this dumb thing because I love this movie so much


Lady warriors based on given descriptions!! (pt1?)

1.) very tall, wings, viking.

2.) hmmm. short (5’ 0” ish), muscular arms, for a class how about a swordswoman?

3.) big nose, ball & chain, top heavy, snakes/serpents

4.) big nosed white mage


UPA styled turnaround!

See the original character here

and her 1920’s turn around here


and here is the final that’s done!
Special thanks print to everyone who worked on GLTAS and the fandom…it’s been a bit but I still look back on the days when we’d all excitedly watch the episodes together and it was really really great. :’) Now I just have the fun of introducing all my friends to the short series and reliving the fun times (and tears *sniff*) in each episode.
Here’s to a series that for me, will be unforgettable.


workin on thumbnailzz aaaa AAA

if you ever feel like you’re a messy artist dont even come cryin to this girl